PROFIRE USA Firearms Academy


Advanced Training

Many instructors seem to be focused on teaching only courses for beginners and/or for those that are seeking a concealed handgun permit.

Having a concealed handgun permit in your pocket does not necessarily mean that you are really prepared to carry and use a concealed handgun safely and effectively should that become necessary as an extreme last resort.

In fact, we routinely receive calls from students who already have a concealed handgun permit but lack any defensive handgun training or skills.

Imagine if they were called upon to actually use their handgun when faced with the threat of imminent death or serious bodily injury. It would be like getting a driver's license and then finding yourself behind the wheel of a race car during a professional race.

Not the best way to find out that you didn't know what you didn't know about defensive handgun use.

Other Advanced Firearms Training &
Law Enforcement-Only Courses

We offer other advanced firearms training and law enforcement-only courses which are not listed on the website as they require additional prerequisites and pre-course qualification which may include a background check before attending the course. Please contact us with your interests and qualifications.

Non-NRA Approved Courses

Our 202 course is among the courses that we offer which are non-NRA approved.

We offer these non-NRA approved courses because they complement the NRA courses by filling in a particular niche here and there. In fact, many of our students complete multiple courses in a sequence such as:

NRA First Steps Pistol
PROFIRE Concealed Handgun
PROFIRE Intro to Defensive Handgun
NRA Personal Protection In The Home

Thus, by offering both NRA and non-NRA approved courses, our students benefit from having a wider spectrum of training options to fit their individual needs and interests.



202 - Introduction to Defensive Handgun

Our 202-IDH Introduction to Defensive Handgun is a 4-hour range-only course that will get you started the right way with initial skills, including:

If you have prior defensive handgun training but it's been some time, this range course is also an excellent skills refresher.

4 Hours Range Only
$125 / person (includes range fee)