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Tulsa, OK - Instructor Training - Class Build List

We are in the process of working up 1 to 2 weeks of NRA Instructor courses to be taught in the Tulsa area and/or in Arkansas. The dates will most likely be in June. Use our contact form to put your name on our class build list!

Colorado - Instructor Training - Weekday Classes & Flex-Scheduling Available

We can now schedule NRA Instructor Courses on WEEKDAYS in Colorado for those that are unable to attend class on weekends! In addition, we now have the BIT course plus Day-1 of the Pistol Instructor course available on weekend dates that are separate from the date on which the Day-2 of the Pistol Instructor course is scheduled. This enables those that are unable to give up both Saturday and Sunday in a single weekend to get these courses done.

Colorado - Custom Class Scheduling Available

If you have at least 4 students for a class in the Denver metro area, we can usually add another class date for your group! This includes classes on weekdays and across multiple evening sessions.

If you have a difficult schedule and you need to attend on weekdays and/or during evenings, we may be able to schedule the classes accordingly. There are some minimum parameters and we may need some additional lead time and/or your assistance in building the class size by having you ask your friends, family or coworkers to join in.

For more information, please call 303.309.1176 and press ext 2.

Are you looking for our Colorado and/or Utah Concealed Handgun Courses?

We need YOUR availability data so that we can schedule class dates that work for the majority of students. Let us know the dates, or days/eves, that work best for you and which courses you want plus we will do our best to schedule them for you! We add classes to the schedule listing below all the time so give us your availability data and then check back often for new class dates.

To get on a class build list, give us your name, email and list of preferred class dates on a customer service ticket by clicking HERE.