PROFIRE USA Firearms Academy



Training Locations

We use several classroom and range locations in Colorado and more information is shown on our class schedule page.

In addition, we deliver training in several other states including Wyoming, Kansas, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Illinois and Florida.

Telephone Calls

Please note that you may often receive voicemail as we may be teaching a classroom or range session.

Please leave a message and/or call back again as we sometimes get a large number of voice messages.

If you should leave a voice message and then not receive a call back within 1 to 2 business days, please call again as we have sometimes found that the system gets overloaded.

Call 303.309.1176


Detailed Course Instructions

Upon receipt of your course registration, we will provide you with extensive details including address information and directions. We have had to remove the exact class location information from our website due to the number of students that attempt to walk-in without a registration.