BPI301 – NRA Basic Instructor Training Course 6-Hours


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This NRA Basic Instructor Training Course is also referred to as “BIT” for short.

BIT is a 6-hour, foundations course and all new NRA Instructor Candidates are required to complete it before they may take one or more of the individual NRA Instructor Courses such as Pistol Instructor, Rifle Instructor, etc.  Completing BIT by itself does not result in an instructor certification.

BIT is a classroom-only session covering policies, procedures and teaching methodologies.  If you are new to being in front of a class, this is an outstanding course that will assist in gaining control of your “butterflies” and put you at ease!  If you are an experienced instructor or teacher, this is an excellent refresher course that may add to your set of tools.  NRA Instructors wishing to add a new instructor rating must also retake the BIT course if not already completed within the last 24 months.

What courses are required to become an NRA Certified Instructor?

  • Completion of the underlying official NRA Student Course (most are $99).
  • Completion of the NRA Basic Instructor Training (BIT) Course ($99).
  • Completion of the corresponding NRA Instructor Course ($199 to $398).

What are the other requirements?

  • Positive attitude about firearms, firearms safety and the responsible exercise of our firearms rights.
  • Sincere desire to help others to become safe and effective with a handgun.