NRA CCW Student Course – 2 Days


The official, modular-format, NRA CCW Student Course is scheduled and configured by us for BOTH students with substantial prior handgun experience as well as those who have less of a background with handguns.

This 2-day version of this course includes classroom sessions covering firearms safety, selecting a concealed carry handgun, correct ammunition types, carry modes and holsters, drawing from concealment, clearing stoppages and malfunctions, important mindset, aftermath of a defensive shooting plus important information about relevant Colorado laws concerning carrying and using a concealed handgun for defensive purposes plus an extensive live-fire range training session.  Range exercises include how to safely and effectively draw a loaded handgun from concealment, engage targets using defensive accuracy, clearing stoppages such as “stove pipes” (failure to eject) and “double feeds” (failure to extract) as well as emergency reloads.

This is a REAL firearms training course!

Tuition for this course is normally $249 / person but it is on sale here for $198 / person for a limited time !

Students  may bring a cooler with lunch and snacks or use the available refrigerator and microware.  We will have a “working lunch” period in the classroom and there is no food or drinks available at the training location for this particular program which is at an outdoor range with an adjacent classroom.  Students need to bring everything they want to eat and drive for both days along with adequate layers of clothing for the forecasted weather.

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