CCW211 – NRA CCW Student Course Day-2

The official, modular-format, NRA CCW Student Course is scheduled and configured by us for BOTH students with substantial prior handgun experience (certificate issued on the same date) as well as those who are new to handguns in particular and firearms in general.

This is Day-2 of our delivery of the NRA CCW Student Course which is available on a standalone basis (WITHOUT Day-1) for students with substantial prior handgun experience as well as for those who have completed our Day-1 program.

If you have not yet read the detailed course information for Day-1, please review it first HERE.

This Day-2 session includes a morning classroom session covering firearms safety, important information about relevant Colorado laws concerning carrying and using a concealed handgun for defensive purposes plus an extensive live-fire range training session in the afternoon.  Range exercises include drawing from concealment, engaging targets using defensive accuracy, clearing stoppages such as “stove pipes” (failure to eject) and “double feeds” (failure to extract) as well as emergency reloads.

This is a REAL firearms training course!

Tuition for this course is normally $179 / person but it is on sale here for $129 / person for a limited time and it includes close to $50 / person in NRA books!  Tuition is also discounted to $129 / person for those students who first complete Day-1 of this program with prepaid tuition for both days.

Students  may bring a cooler with lunch and snacks or use the available refrigerator and microware.  We will have a “working lunch” period in the classroom and there is no food or drinks available at the training location for this particular program which is at an outdoor range with an adjacent classroom.  Students need to bring everything they want to eat and drive for the day along with adequate layers of clothing for the forecasted weather.

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