Professional Firearms Training

Nothing is obvious to the uninformed. When you decide to learn a new skill, or to teach what you know to others, it requires professional training in order to do it right.  Helping others to become safe and effective with firearms is one of the most rewarding activities because you are truly empowering them to protect themselves and their loved ones.  PROFIRE USA offers professional firearms training in Colorado and also in select other states on a travel basis for more than 15 years and counting. With over 500+ instructors trained, chances are we trained the other instructors you may be considering!

Full-Spectrum Firearms Training

If you new to firearms, it is critical that you start with the right training that will give you a solid foundation in and a thorough understanding of the fundamentals. If have firearms experience, and you are ready to develop true skill-at-arms, our defensive courses will help you get to the next level. Then, when you are ready to to teach others how to be safe and effective with firearms, you can become a nationally-certified firearms instructor by training with us! Full-spectrum means training and mentorship.

Entry Level

The NRA Basic Pistol, Basic Rifle and Basic Shotgun courses are designed for adults and youth who are brand new to firearms.  You’ll learn about firearms safety and basic marksmanship.


When you are ready to move beyond the basics, we offer the NRA Personal Protection In The Home, Outside The Home and Defensive Pistol courses.  This is the next level and intended for adults only.

Instructor & Specialty

For those who are ready, we offer all of the NRA Instructor courses as well as specialty training for VIPs, celebrities as well as recruits joining the military or cadets entering a law enforcement academy.

Instructor Team

Finally, it all comes down to who you select as your instructor. The instructors on our team have decades of experience and all of them are trainers of both instructors and students. Our lead trainer is an NRA Master Training Counselor who has trained hundreds of instructors over the past 15 years and is also a full skills law enforcement and lead police academy instructor.

Public Courses

You have the option to attend one of our scheduled, public courses or you may request private training when it is convenient for you.  Public student and instructor courses require a minimum of 4 students in each class.  Tuition for public student level courses runs $99 / day / person and instructor courses are $199 / day including books and range fees.

Course List

Private Training

Tuition for private training is the same amount per person but the equivalent of a 4-person minimum. For example, you may schedule a private 1-day, student level course for 1 to 4 persons with a tuition total of $396 for the course. The amount is the same whether the training is for yourself only, a couple or a family of 4, etc. Instructor training requires a minimum of 4 participants due to a national policy.

Student Comments

“Bob is a absolute master of his craft. If you find yourself asking the question when your looking at a course, “I hope I get my money’s worth?” I can promise you that any of his courses will not only meet but will far exceed your expectations. His teaching style is energizing, hands on and very in depth.  By the end of the day I can promise you that you will be turned into an instant fan and find yourself signing up for more. Bob goes beyond what is expected; he not only teaches you the material but gives you the tools for instant success.  Whether your looking to be simply educated in firearms or start a business from it, he puts all the tools in your toolbox for you to build from! So if your a beginning shooter all the way to an experienced instructor the only question you should have is this, Am I ready for the challenge?”

“The class exceeded my expectations. I was extremely impressed with all the instructors and information provided. I will recommend PROFIRE to everyone I meet who expresses interest in handguns. I looked over your web site and look forward to attending more of your classes. Thanks again for an ‘exceptional’ class!!!”

“The intensity & earnest demeanor of the instructors. It’s easy to see they believe in what they do. Tough, fantastic, long but rewarding – very worthwhile – reinforcing. Don’t know what you could do to improve anything. Really liked how Bob & Paul worked as a team – the info was to the point and very understandable. Don’t know what I expected but you put me at ease & charged to learn & do my best to be a responsible CC person. Thank you so very much for all you did.”



When you register for $500 or more in courses, you will receive a very special gift which can often be purchased locally for up to $1,000 or more.  This gift will be yours free for selecting us as your firearms training provider.  Call for details!  This special offer is for a limited time only and is subject to change or termination without notice.

We’ll Take It On The Road …

If you have a group to train up, our instructors are available to travel to your location for qualifying class sizes and course selection for both student and instructor training.


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