CCW Permit Courses

New 2024 / 2025 Colorado
CCW Training &
Instructor Requirements

CO HB24-1174 passed the Legislature and was sent to the Governor for signature which is expected.  Some provisions will apply this year in 2024 while others begin in 2025.  For more information, use this link to bring up the text of HB24-1174 so you will be informed.

Get REAL training from experienced NRA certified instructors, an NRA Master Training Counselor and certified Police firearms instructors both currently serving and retired.

Carrying a concealed handgun to defend yourself and your loved ones comes with a HUGE amount of personal responsibility.  Are you truly trained and prepared to be safe and effective?

CCW Colorado Permit Courses Concealed Handgun Carry Training - Private Gun Training available as well

The Official NRA CCW Student Course

The NRA CCW course is available in different configurations to meet and exceed the new 2024 & 2025 Colorado training requirements – pending the expected Governor’s signature upon which some sections are expected to take effect on or about August 6, 2024.  Other sections are set to take effect on July 1, 2025.


When it becomes law, CO HB24-1174 (passed, now an ACT) will require new CCW permit applicants to have completed a minimum of an 8-hour course within the previous ONE YEAR (no longer a 10-year window) that includes both classroom and live-fire range sessions covering a specific curriculum.  

IMPORTANT NOTE!  Some sections of HB24-1174 appear to take effect on or about August 6, 2024 including those that impose required changes in course curriculum and instructor status / verification.  At that time, our delivery of the modular NRA CCW Student course will become a full 2-day program so as to not only meet but exceed the new requirements.

Existing CCW permit holders will also be required by this new law to complete a refresher course with live-fire within 6 MONTHS prior to submitting their renewal application.  We will offer this required refresher course in a 1/2 day format at that time.



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