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    • NRA Instructors & Training Counselors  (TC = instructor-trainer)
    • CO POST Certified Full Skills Police Firearms Instructors
    • Serving CO POST Certified Police Officers
    • Police Academy Firearms Instructors
    • USCCA Instructor & Training Counselor
    • Retired Law Enforcement Officers
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Become an NRA Certified Instructor & train others!

We offer the full spectrum of NRA Instructor Training Programs in pistol, ccw, personal protection, rifle, shotgun, RSO/CRSO and more!


Concealed Handgun Carry Training


Are you new to handguns?
Did you just get your carry carry permit?
Are you truly prepared to be safe & effective?

Don’t just settle for just a “free” or cheapo “coffee & donuts” CCW class somewhere.  Get real handgun training, develop situational awareness and effective defensive skills.

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NRA CCW Course

We also offer the official NRA CCW student course which is modular with up to 10 sessions available plus the NRA course of live-fire and a review of local / state laws. The NRA CCW course is available from us in 4, 8 and 16-hour versions for your family / friend / company group of 6 or more students.

PROFIRE CCW Handgun Courses

These are non-NRA approved courses yet they meet and exceed the training requirements to apply for the Concealed Handgun Permit in Colorado.  We’ve been teaching these courses for over 17 years and there are multiple versions designed to fit your prior experience and needs.  PROFIRE CCW courses are available to individuals and groups.

Completion of PROFIRE CCW-101 enables you to begin the permit application process in your county.  While you wait up to 60 to 90 days for your permit to be issued, you can take PROFIRE CCW-201 for live-fire training on the range.

Here’s a brief outline of the PROFIRE CCW Courses …

This is a classroom session and your first course in the series covering safety, defensive handgun / ammunition, holster / carry options and local / state laws.

If you have significant prior handgun experience this course may be sufficient.

Students with less than significant prior handgun experience and training will need to take this live-fire range session.  

Training includes safe and effective presentation from a concealed holster and engaging targets with defensive accuracy.

This course builds on PROFIRE CCW-101 and PROFIRE CCW-201 to help you develop real defensive handgun skills.  

PROFIRE CCW-301 is focused live-fire range training and strongly recommended for all students.

Private Training

Firearms Training for VIPs


Do you need private training for yourself, family or company?

Our instructors have trained elected officials, actors, executives and others who just preferred discreet, private training to sitting in a public class.

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Prep training for new military recruits and police cadets.

Our military boot camps and law enforcement academies have a lot of experience training firearms “newbies” but if you have a loved one that deserves some prep training …

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