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Our Team

All members of our team are certified firearms instructors having BOTH Colorado P.O.S.T. law enforcement AND NRA “civilian” instructor certifications with many years of experience training students, instructors and law enforcement recruits.

Outdoor Student Courses

Why not training outdoors in the fresh air instead of sitting for hours in a crowded classroom?

Here’s just one example of how you can train as a student without a classroom session:

Get BOTH our PCS200 Pre-Course Online Study Program (information only without certificate and regularly $49 / person) PLUS our CCS200 – CO CCW Outdoor Live-Fire Range Course (certificate issued and regularly $99 / person) for a total of only $99 / person.

Our CCS200 – CO CCW Outdoor Live-Fire Range Course is taught across four (4) hours on the range in the fresh air instead of in a crowded classroom that you will likely find elsewhere. This is REAL firearms training that FAR EXCEEDS the minimum training requirements for the permit application in Colorado.

Get REAL firearms training!  Get it done.
Become an NRA Certified Instructor!

Millions of people bought guns in 2020.  Many of them have no prior firearms experience or training.  They need training and that takes instructors willing to help them become safe and effective with their new firearm.

We offer the full spectrum of NRA Instructor courses and training leading to instructor certifications in Pistol, Personal Protection, CCW, Rifle, Shotgun as well as the excellent, non-gun related Refuse To Be A Victim program.

Training Locations


  • Evergreen, or
  • 30 minutes east of Fort Collins


  • 35 minutes west of Denver near Idaho Springs, or
  • 30 minutes east of Fort Collins, or
  • Your classroom and/or range location (formal or informal) for private group training with a qualifying class size.
Private Training Available

We offer private individual and group training for public officials, celebrities, business VIPs as well as for everyday folks who prefer not to attend a public class.  Rates vary depending upon course selection, location, group size, etc.  Call 303.309.1176 press 9 for more information.


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Our Course Numbers & Levels

Our courses have a 3-digit number that corresponds to the recommended experience level:

1xx = Entry Level
2xx = Intermediate
3xx = Instructor
4xx = Advanced
5xx = Law Enforcement (not shown on public site)

Secure Online Tuition Payment

You may make a secure, online payment of your course tuition using a VISA, MC, Amex & Discover credit or debit card.

Our website is getting a makeover!

Our site has been online since 2005 and it is in the process of getting a complete makeover right now!  You may even see some changes appear during your visit.  If you don’t find the course you are looking for, it may not have been added to this new layout yet so please call us!