NRA Pistol Instructor Course

Become an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and teach …


Basic Pistol Course

Full Instructor Led (ILT) Version
& Phase-II of Blended Version


First Steps Pistol Orientation

Marksmanship Simulator Training



Your own CCW permit course

Other courses with qualification

NRA Instructor Training

NRA Pistol Instructor Course

The NRA requires all Pistol Instructor Candidates to have first completed the underlying NRA basic student course in the past plus the NRA Basic Instructor Training (aka “BIT”) course within the past 24 months.  This requirement for the official NRA Basic Pistol Student course applies to all Pistol Instructor Candidates regardless of their background and experience with firearms.  

Here’s what the NRA has to say about their instructor certification.

We offer the following course bundles in our NRA Pistol Instructor Program:

  • 2-Days = BIT + Pistol Instructor courses
  • 3-Days = Basic Pistol Student + BIT + Pistol Instructor courses

NRA Certified Pistol Instructors may teach all of the following in Colorado and many other states:

  • Full Instructor Led (ILT) version of NRA Basic Pistol Student course, and
  • Phase-II (practical) version of NRA Basic Pistol Blended course, and
  • NRA First Steps Pistol orientation, and
  • NRA Marksmanship Simulator Training, and
  • NON-NRA pistol / handgun courses of your own design (CCW, etc.)
NRA Student Course

NRA Pistol Instructors are also eligible to pursue additional firearms instructor credentials and certifications, including:

  • USCCA Firearms Instructor (needs NRA Pistol Instructor to meeting state requirements)
  • Utah Concealed Firearms Instructor
  • Kansas Concealed Handgun License Instructor
  • Certain other state certified instructor licenses / credentials

Are you ready to become an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and help others to be safe and effective with their handgun?


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