NRA Basic Instructor Training Course


If prepaid at least two (2) weeks prior to class, tuition is reduced to $99 / person.

More about this BIT course ...

The NRA Basic Instructor Training (aka "BIT") course does not result in an instructor certification by itself. BIT is a prerequisite for all of the first level NRA Instructor courses (i.e. Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, CRSO, HFS, etc.). Existing NRA Instructors wanting to acquire additional instructor ratings must also retake the BIT course if it has been more than 24 months since they last completed it.

Your first point of contact: NRA Training Counselor(s) at PROFIRE USA

Once you have completed your NRA Instructor course(s) with us and activated your certification, your NRA Training Counselor(s) delivering the training to you will become your first point of contact when you have questions about the NRA Instructor program, policies and procedures.

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