PIB371 – NRA Pistol Instructor 2-Course Bundle


This NRA Pistol Instructor 2-Course Bundle includes …
NRA Basic Instructor Course (BIT) $99
NRA Pistol Instructor $199

Total tuition = $298

If you have already completed the NRA Basic Pistol Student Course, in the full instructor-led version (not the Blended version) and you have your certificate, you may register for just the NRA BIT + Pistol Instructor 3-Course Bundle for a total tuition of $298 by adding those individual courses listed on our site instead of this 3-course bundle.

Expedite your NRA Instructor certification!

While NRA membership is NOT required for Instructors, if we have your membership # by the class date, your new instructor certification will be available to you within a few days thereafter. Otherwise it may take the NRA up to a couple of weeks to issue a non-member Instructor # to you.

NRA membership & Instructor records must match!

Your NRA membership record MUST match the data that is entered into the report that we file for the NRA Instructor course(s). This includes your exact name, address, apt/unit #, phone and email, etc.

NRA Instructor/RSO Certification Fees

After class, new NRA Instructors/RSOs pay a nominal fee to the NRA to activate their certification which is $35 for members and $60 for non-members. This covers two years and is renewed for the same amount. Existing Instructors/RSOs pay a one-time fee to add each new rating/certification which is $15 for members and $30 for non-members.