Which Form – Wishlist! … OR … Reservation?

If you do NOT see a specific course or program listed on our current class Schedule page, please use our Wishlist! form to let us know about your interest and to put your contact information on our class build list instead of the form below.

This Form = Prepaid Tuition Only

This reservation form below is for those that have already paid their tuition, either for an individual course / program or through our Instructor Program Mega Bundle, and they just need to reserve a slot in one or more courses listed already on our Schedule page.

If you have NOT prepaid your tuition …

Please begin the full registration process by clicking here to display our class Schedule, then select the course(s) and / or program(s) that you wish to attend.


Please include your phone number as a backup for us if our email to you ends up in your spam / junk folder!
Please include enough information for us to figure out which course(s) or program(s) are part of your reservation request here AND take a moment to review your information above to make sure it is correct!
Such as if you paid your tuition online, in person, etc., approximately when that occurred and so forth.