PROFIRE USA Firearms Academy


Professional Firearms Training

PROFIRE USA delivers professional firearms training across the full spectrum of courses for beginners, those who are seeking a concealed handgun permit, defensive handgun, advanced and instructor training.

Get real training. Do it right.

Just take a look at our class schedule and view it for not only the current month but the previous months to see the many entries.

PROFIRE USA Firearms Academy

Courses include all of the NRA student and instructor courses plus many non-NRA approved courses of our own design.

Ask your family, friends and coworkers. Ask around. Chances are that you know someone who has trained with us in Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, Wisconsin or Florida. Many of our students have left their comments and reviews for you to read.

Our focus is on adding and delivering value. In addition, we value your time. Even our website is designed with that in mind so that you can get in, find out what you need to know, select a course, register and go!

PROFIRE USA Firearms Academy

Don't settle for what we call a "coffee & donuts" course. Some instructors go through the motions and you end of with little more than a piece of paper.

Do it right. Get real firearms training.™


Instructor/RSO Courses
Bundle Discounts & Bonuses

If you register for three (3) or more instructor/RSO courses, you'll get a 15% Tuition Discount across all 3 courses.

To get a 20% discount plus a Special Bonus, register for four (4) or more instructor/RSO courses.

We count the BIT course separately so if you register for BIT + Pistol Instructor that's two (2) courses already and you would need only to register for one additional course to get the 15% discount. Register for two more (total of 4) and get a bigger discount PLUS the special bonus!

What's the special bonus?

It's SO special that we are not allowed to advertise it on the web but you may call us at 303.309.1176 ext 2 for the surprising details!

Custom Scheduling for NRA Instructor Courses Available!

If you have a difficult schedule and you need to complete NRA Instructor courses across weekdays and/or evenings, we may be able to schedule the classes accordingly.

There are some minimum parameters and we may need some additional lead time and/or your assistance in building the class size by asking your friends, family or coworkers to join in.

For more information, please call 303.309.1176 and press ext 2.















Become an NRA Certified Instructor!

20% Multi-Course Discount for bundling four or more NRA Instructor / RSO Courses PLUS receive a VERY Special Bonus!

You've been asked numerous times to help friends and family learn about firearms.

It's time to "make it official" and become an NRA Certified Instructor!

Register and prepay for four (4) or more instructor/RSO courses and you'll receive a 20% off the tuition of each course PLUS a very special, FREE bonus that we can't advertise on the web!

You don't have to select a class date for each instructor courses at the time of registration and your courses may be completed later in 2016.

Here's how to get the 20% Discount ...

Call 303.309.1176 ext 9 for the promotional code which is then entered by you on the final checkout screen. When adding multiple courses to your online "basket", the regular tuition amount is shown for each course. The total will reflect the discount after you enter the code.

NRA Instructor Promotion Example

$100 - NRA BIT
$295 - NRA Pistol Instructor
$249 - NRA PPITH Instructor
$249 - NRA RTBAV Instructor Dev Workshop
$893 - Total at regular tuition
$179 - 20% Off Discount
$714 - For over 40 hours of instructor training!

PLUS get a VERY special bonus!

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