PROFIRE USA Firearms Academy


Professional Firearms Training

PROFIRE USA delivers professional firearms training across the full spectrum of courses for beginners, those who are seeking a concealed handgun permit, defensive handgun, advanced and instructor training.

Get real training. Do it right.

Just take a look at our class schedule and view it for not only the current month but the previous months to see the many entries.

PROFIRE USA Firearms Academy

Courses include all of the NRA student and instructor courses plus many non-NRA approved courses of our own design.

Ask your family, friends and coworkers. Ask around. Chances are that you know someone who has trained with us in Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, Wisconsin or Florida. Many of our students have left their comments and reviews for you to read.

Our focus is on adding and delivering value. In addition, we value your time. Even our website is designed with that in mind so that you can get in, find out what you need to know, select a course, register and go!

PROFIRE USA Firearms Academy

Don't settle for what we call a "coffee & donuts" course. Some instructors go through the motions and you end of with little more than a piece of paper.

Do it right. Get real firearms training.™


NRA Certified Instructor Training in September!

NRA Certified Instructor

Our September Marathon ...

Sep 14 - Basic Instructor Training
Sep 15 - Pistol Instructor
Sep 16 - Rifle Instructor
Sep 17 - Shotgun Instructor
Sep 18 - Range Safety Officer
Sep 19 - Chief Range Safety Officer

If you are unable to attend all of the above courses, start out with just the BIT + Pistol Instructor courses to become an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor.

Nationwide Travel Classes

Do you need NRA Instructor Training for your group in Colorado or elsewhere?

We can plan, schedule and deliver professional NRA Instructor Training plus RSO, CRSO and/or RTBAV Instructor courses to your employees or other group just about anywhere in the country with sufficient notice and class size.

For example, we have done these "travel classes" for groups of 10 to 22 students in Utah, Wisconsin, Illinois and other states.

Even if you have a smaller group that you need to train up in a series of instructor courses, it is likely that the money you save by not having to send them out of state across one or more trips will cover having our trainers teach the courses at your facility AND give you more seats in the program.

Call us to discuss your options!


Become an NRA Certified Instructor!

You've been asked numerous times to help friends and family learn about firearms. It's time to "make it official" and become an NRA Certified Instructor!


This BIG 5-DAY PACKAGE of NRA Instructor Training includes not only a discount on the tuition but also two incredible, separate gifts to get your firearms training business started and improve your skills!

Do it right!

The BIG 5-DAY PACKAGE includes FIVE (5) full days of instructor level training which you may select from the following and other instructor and RSO courses:

NRA Basic Instructor Training 1-day; required
- NRA Pistol Instructor 1-day
- NRA Rifle Instructor 1-day
- NRA Shotgun Instructor 1-day
- NRA Personal Protection ITH Instr. 1-day
- NRA Personal Prot. OTH Instr. 3-days
- NRA Range Safety Officer 1-day
- NRA Chief Range Safety Officer 1-day
- NRA Refuse To Be A Victim Instr. 1-day

You'll also get these separate, FREE gifts!

FREE Gift #1 - compare at up to $1000 +

Professional website for your firearms training business including your own web domain name, custom email accounts, site created and ready for you to enter your content using only your web browser - it's easy! Hosting is included for the first year as well.

FREE Gift #2 - compare locally at $995 +

This gift is essentially a surprise and you will definitely be truly amazed at its value!

SO, how much will this BIG 5-DAY PACKAGE of NRA Instructor Training cost you?

Remember, if you added up all of the value and comparable value that you will receive, including the FREE GIFTS, it could easily exceed $3,000!

However, you are purchasing only 5 days of NRA instructor courses in our BIG 5-DAY PACKAGE for only $995 and then receiving the separate FREE GIFTS from us later!

Don't worry about class dates because you can complete the courses on any of the dates that we run them in the next 12 months and you will have multiple opportunities for each course.

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